The Strategic Negotiator - Program 2019

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Program Overview

Become one of the select few that can secure the deal

Negotiating a win – win outcome and understanding how to influence others to maximise the negotiation situation is key for organisational success.

Master strategic deal making

This practical three day executive education program gives you an essential toolkit to master strategic deal making, focused on business to business situations and internal change management.

Understand and influence decision making

Understanding how decisions are made is key to being able to influence them strategically. Take a deep dive into the nuances of decision making and learn the ways to maximise a negotiation situation.



Learning objectives

Managing the deal making process

  • Recognise and avoid the pitfalls involved in hard bargaining
  • Understand how to develop mutual gain outcomes
  • Develop strategies to influence in conflict situations

Strategic deal making

  • Recognise pitfalls in decision making
  • Understand how to influence decision makers
  • Identify power and how to maximise the negotiation situation
  • Identify your negotiation style

Implementing internal strategic initiatives

  • Develop strategies to implement and influence internal projects
  • Negotiate to maximise the potential of projects
  • Understand how to influence change
  • Understand how to influence others and their change styles
  • Develop successful strategies for your workplace case study



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John Trevillyan FCPA

John Trevillyan has over 21 years of experience at the Melbourne Business School, designing programs to achieve learning and operational outcomes for all levels of management.

John has an outstanding knowledge of educational methodologies and approaches. He develops innovative programs for his clients worldwide, using a range of paper based and e-Learn technologies. He designs programs to achieve learning and operational outcomes for all levels of management.

As a partner in Negotiation Education Australia, John provides negotiation programs to clients such as Bunnings, AXA and Honda and has developed and facilitated decision making programs for such clients as National Australia Bank and Racing Victoria. John has also provided similar programs to the ACCC and not for profit organisations such as Vision Australia and Baptcare.

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