Effective board reporting for finance professionals 2018 - Workshop

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Preparing board reports on behalf of the CEO, the CFO or others gives accountants a high level of exposure and a chance to influence senior decision making.

There is no universally ‘right’ way to ‘do’ board reporting. The content, style, design and delivery of board reports varies by business and by what the directors and CEO require, but there are fundamental principles to follow that, if applied, will result in effective reporting. Voluminous, detailed, operational reports are out; concise, clear, strategically focused reports setting performance in an external context are in.

The scope of board reporting for this workshop is the reports that accountants most commonly prepare:

  • Business performance reports e.g. monthly financial statements and financial and non-financial data and analysis thereof
  • Strategic reports e.g. progress with strategies and plans
  • Compliance reports, including annual and half-yearly financial statements, banking/financing compliance reports (e.g. for loan covenants) and analysis thereof

Key topics:

  • The purpose of board reports and where they fit in the performance management framework
  • Common issues with board reports to avoid
  • Fundamental principles for effective board reporting and applying them in an organisaiton
  • What to understand about the business and industry to be able to prepare effective board reports
  • The exact content of board reports in a business and how to find out what the directors need and want
  • Options for delivering board reports

Learning objectives

  • Apply the principles of effective board reporting in your organisation
  • Discover what directors need and want and include this information in board reports
  • Prepare effective business performance and compliance reports for the board by understanding your organistion and industry
  • Write analysis that will influence directors’ decision making
  • Describe the pros and cons of different ways of delivering board reports

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This workshop is suitable for finance and accounting professionals who need to prepare and deliver reports for the board.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date. Please enrol at least 3 working days prior to the workshop to ensure any dietary and special requirements can be accommodated.

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1 day