Business valuations - Workshops 2017

Gain a better understanding of the wide range of valuation methods that are used in valuing SMEs and other non-listed entities. At the same time learn some practical characteristics that can be used to select the appropriate methodologies to use depending on the particular business’ circumstances and characteristics. Appreciate that business valuation is not a simple calculation with many aspects open to interpretation and that the valuation is usually part of negotiations. 

There is great potential to assist SMEs to increase their business value as part of ongoing assistance that can be delivered by accountants. Rather than seeing valuation as a one-off, the valuations can be embedded in the planning process to help the business owners to succeed in the broadest and financial sense. Case studies will be used to enhance your learning experience.

Key topics:

  • Valuation and its interaction with strategy and risk
  • Valuation methods from assets, to income, Net Present Values (NPVs) of net cash flow, and shareholder value and free cash flows
  • How the life cycle of businesses relates to the assessment of risks and valuation methodologies that are suitable
  • Analyse the financial numbers using analysis templates 
  • Consider forecasting as a basis for valuations
  • Detailed shareholder value analysis to check PE ratios are in the ball park or as the most suitable valuation method
  • Discount rates and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Rules of thumb in the market pace for businesses
  • Learn to increase the valuation by moving up to more complex methods
  • Aspects of control and impact on valuations

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive learning manual
  • Presentation slides
  • Ample networking opportunities with colleagues over morning and afternoon tea and lunch

Learning objectives

  • Develop a sound basis to understand valuations in non-listed businesses
  • Apply the various valuations methodologies and understand how to pick appropriate valuation approaches for specific entities
  • Understand the context of valuations in terms of negotiation and the part you might play in that process
  • Obtain and use financial analysis templates to quickly and easily calculates the financial numbers and valuations
  • Understand shareholder value and how it relates to non-listed entities’ valuations
  • Understand how to estimate discount rates from the WACC
  • Manage the creation of increased profits, cash flows, returns and shareholder value


Public practitioners and other finance professionals advising clients who are looking to sell or buy an SME- sized business. Those working in management accounting roles in SMEs.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date.

1 day