Strategic thinking and strategy execution - the finance professional’s role - Workshop 2017

As a finance professional you are increasingly required to play a more proactive role in strategy and the strategic decision making in your organisation. This shift will contribute to you playing a greater value adding role in strategy execution which is beyond mere performance reporting.

This 2-day workshop will encompass the total integrated picture from strategising to strategy execution through budgets and forecasts and leading to corporate performance management and financial outcomes. The workshop will include interactive exercises and a real life case-study.

Key topics:

  • Strategic thinking in the current environment
  • Strategic planning - converting vision to deliverables
  • Key strategy models
  • Strategy execution - translating strategy to financials
  • Innovative budgeting methodologies
  • Forecasting for better organisational management
  • Linking corporate performance management (CPM) to corporate strategy
  • Developing corporate performance management (CPM) models

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Learning objectives

  • Identify strategic issues facing an organisation
  • Identify and use appropriate strategy models
  • Compile a structured financial plan
  • Improve and enhance organisational budgeting
  • Develop a robust forecasting model to guide management
  • Identify how to integrate strategy with execution and performance
  • Develop effective performance models


This workshop is suitable for management accountants looking to develop strategic capabilities and add value to the organisation as a business partner.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date.

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2 days