Best practice in strategic management accounting - Workshop 2017

Strategic management accounting is at heart of decision making as it brings to the fore the most relevant information and analysis to generate and preserve value. Finance professionals must effectively develop a set of capabilities that provide them with the confidence to add value to their organisations as well as demonstrate to the rest of the business how they can contribute to business success.

This workshop will explore the latest management accounting principles and current best practices that form the basis for strategic management accounting capabilities.

Key topics:

  • Principles of strategic management accounting
  • The changing role of management accountants
  • The management accounting capability framework
  • Application to performance management
  • Application to practice areas within the emerging finance landscape

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Learning objectives

  • Recognise the fundamentals of management accounting contribution
  • Identify areas where management accountants can add value
  • Articulate the management accounting role within the business context
  • Identify and demonstrate the use of tools and techniques that add value


This workshop is suitable for management accountants looking to develop strategic capabilities and add value to the organisation as a business partner.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date.

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1 day