Presenting financials to stakeholders - Workshop 2017

This workshop is designed to assist you to present financials in an interesting and simple way to your stakeholders (who are often not finance professionals). Presenting to groups can be tough and presenting finance in an influential and meaningful ways is even tougher. You will learn to prepare and deliver engaging and interesting presentations that achieve your objectives.

Key topics:

  • Planning and preparing
  • Using a variety of tools, including PowerPoint
  • Interactive delivery techniques
  • Boosting confidence

Learning objectives

  • Utilise time-saving techniques to prepare your presentation
  • Apply 4 methods to address nerves
  • Demonstrate presentation techniques to enhance audience engagement
  • Use body language and vocal tools to improve delivery
  • Apply 3 techniques to deal with difficult questions and audience members


This workshop is suitable for finance or accounting professionals needing to present financials to a range of internal and external stakeholders. 

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date.

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1 day