Building dashboards in Excel - Regional workshop 2017

This workshop introduces the concept of an Excel dashboard or executive report: a dynamic worksheet, which is visible on a standard computer screen. A dashboard consists of a collection of graphs, tables, statistical calculations and significant data enabling management to monitor critical processes in a business or organisation. Techniques for automatically updating dashboards when new data becomes available are also covered.

Key topics:

  • Good and bad dashboard design and the benefits of Dashboard reporting
  • Introduction to charting including basic chart types available in Excel
  • Common charts appropriate for use in dashboards including build a scrolling window chart
  • Familiarisation with functions in Excel for summarising data and reference functions such as Match, Index and VLookup for extracting information from summarised data
  • Dynamic charts supported by dynamic range names
  • Design and build several example dashboards to dynamically report key business metrics

Offered in Excel 2013 and, apart from some new features, is compatible with Excel versions 2007, 2010.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the benefits of Dashboard reporting
  • Create a data model which funnels source data to a Dashboard
  • Create various chart types for use with Excel Dashboards
  • Employ key Excel functions to organise the calculation area of a data model
  • Use Sparklines to display trends in data
  • Create Slicers and Timelines to display different reports instantly
  • Add interactive controls to Dashboards
  • Build Dashboard reports in Excel 2013


This workshop is designed specifically for finance and accounting professionals who use Excel in their day to day roles.


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1 day