The Strategic Influencer program 2016

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Program Overview

Become one of the select few that can influence an entire organisation.

This program is specifically designed for the senior finance professional seeking maximum impact in influencing the strategic and operational plans of their organisations.

Present to a mock Board of Directors

In the capstone event of this program, participants deliver a presentation to a distinguished mock Board of Directors, receiving valuable coaching from a panel of experienced executives with extensive experience in influencing their organisations’ directions.

Learn from an expert influencer

Facilitated by the internationally renowned Joshua Klayman, currently a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, this three day program is interactive, practical, intense and rewarding.




Learning objectives

Achieve organisational alignment

  • Move from competing agendas to organisational alignment
  • Understand organisational cultures and subcultures
  • Leverage dilemmas to enhance organisational strategy

Create stakeholder consensus

  • Win hearts and minds to the path forward
  • Identify sources of resistance and how to best deal with them
  • Anticipate and respond to reactions to risk

Optimise executive decisions

  • Frame goals, problems, and alternatives to promote optimal decisions
  • Work with, and within executive teams and other decision making groups
  • Maintain an appropriate level of confidence in decisions 



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Joshua Klayman

Joshua Klayman is an expert in managerial and organisational behavior. He has taught and consulted on topics such as leading and implementing change, enabling and encouraging creativity and innovation, designing and managing effective teams, motivating people to care about their work, maximising knowledge and learning in organisations, improving decision making and judgment, and developing effective leadership. Access full biography






3 days