FBT Intensive 2016 - Regional workshop

This one-day intensive FBT workshop will provide you with an overview of fringe benefits tax, including how it is calculated and what documentation is required from the perspective of the employer. The workshop will outline how FBT works and how to calculate the taxable value for each of the 12 categories of fringe benefits. Using real life examples, the course manual will guide you through each of the 12 categories as well as how to prepare the FBT return.

Key topics:

  • An overview of fringe benefits tax, including how to calculate the taxable values of the 12 types of fringe benefits
  • Recent changes to FBT and how they impact on the preparation of an FBT return
  • Real life examples, including car, entertainment, expense payment, loan, property fringe benefits and living away from home allowance
  • Benefits exempt under the Fringe Benefits Tax Act

Attend the FBT Intensive workshop and receive a complimentary FBT Calculator *

*Terms and conditions apply 

Learning objectives

  • Apply the 'otherwise deductible rule' and employee contributions can reduce the taxable value of fringe benefits
  • Understand the various relocation and remote area and exemptions and concessions afforded to employees working in remote areas under the FBT Act
  • Describe the rules relating to reportable fringe benefits and reportable employer superannuation contributions and how to calculate the amounts required to be included on each employee’s PAYG Payment Summaries
  • Understand the basic essentials of salary packaging and how it can benefit employees
  • Learn the key fringe benefits tax changes that have occurred over the past twelve months, including legislative changes, new taxation rulings, taxation determinations and ATO interpretative Decisions that apply to the 2016 FBT year
  • Correctly prepare the 2016 fringe benefits tax return


Anyone working in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) or corporate entities, in Financial Control or Financial Management roles. Suitable for anyone preparing FBT returns.

1 day