Mastering workplace productivity and efficiency 2016 - Workshop

This fast-paced and highly efficient time management training will re-energise you to ruthlessly and effectively manage your priorities and those of your stakeholders.

You will discover how to effectively deal with distractions, manage people's expectations and be highly productive.

After this course it will feel as if there is more time in the day and you will get more done, resulting in happier stakeholder and an increased bottom-line.

Key topics

  • Setting clear and achievable goals and objectives
  • Differentiating between low and high value work using time management quadrants
  • Mastering a workload with many projects
  • Dealing with procrastination

Learning objectives

  • How to prepare a to-do list incorporating no task over an hour
  • To prioritise work tasks according to value and urgency
  • Juggling and problem solving competing demands
  • Electronic time management tools to assist organisation


All professionals looking to upskill and learn practical tips, tools and strategies for time management and increasing efficiency.

1 day