Income tax for companies 2016 - Workshop

This two-day workshop provides comprehensive knowledge to help you with your company’s income tax compliance obligations.

Key topics:

  • Taxation income calculation, including statutory and exempt income, deductions and capital allowance – depreciating assets and capital works – Division 43
  • Repairs, research and development, revenue and capital losses, non-deductible expenditure, legal expenses and trading stock
  • Anti-avoidance provisions, dividends and the imputation system and the small business entity provisions
  • International tax, thin capitalisation and tax reconciliation

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Learning objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the effects of the income tax regime on companies’ compliance obligations
  • Identify the types of receipts that must be included in a company assessable income
  • Identify the expenses that are allowable as deductions
  • Develop an understanding of multi-jurisdictional tax issues as they affect companies such as double taxation agreements and thin capitalisation


People working in small medium enterprises (SMEs) or corporate entities in financial controller or management roles. Suitable for those wanting comprehensive knowledge in the preparation of company income tax returns.

2 days