Business writing for influence 2016 - Workshop

Become a key finance influencer by planning and structuring written documents for greater impact.

Whether you have been writing reports for years or looking to introduce a new skill into your toolkit, this workshop will help refine your process and ensure your message is communicated effectively every time. This workshop is designed to provide you with practical tools and techniques to apply to your business writing.

Key topics

  • Different styles of writing and their purpose
  • General principles of business writing
  • Using plain language to convey key messages
  • Organising and analysing complex information

Learning objectives

  • To identify and communicate complex information in plain language
  • How to plan, organise and structure documents to influence business decisions
  • Editing and reviewing techniques


This workshop is designed for accounting and finance professionals in leadership and management roles, needing to influence decision makers with their business writing. 

1 day