Auditing small entities 2016 - Workshop

This workshop demystifies the audit of small entities (for example sporting clubs and associations) by providing examples of common problems and issues experienced by so many public practitioners. You will also receive practical tools and tips to assist you in complying with the auditing standards for any type of engagement.

Key topics

  • Over-auditing
  • Performing "two" audits
  • Linking the risks and controls work to the audit testing performed
  • Audit methodology - the key requirements in each phase of the audit including planning, performance, review and evaluation

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Learning objectives

  • Understand the key requirements of the clarity auditing standards
  • Application of the standards to each phase of the audit
  • Consolidating learning by working through a case study
  • Obtaining practical tools to assist in audits


This workshop is suitable for public practitioners, auditors working in SMEs who audit small businesses and not for profit entities.

This workshop fulfils the compulsory component within the CPA Australia competency requirements for SMSF Auditors, which consists of 30 hours structured training every three years.

This training must include:
- eight hours of superannuation training
- eight hours of compliance or financial statement audit training
- four hours of financial accounting training.

1 day