Foreign Exchange for SMEs and Corporates - Workshop 2018

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As businesses increasingly deal with overseas suppliers, customers or partners and deal in foreign currencies, they expose themselves to risks in the process.
Gain insights into the management of foreign exchange exposures and transactions to reduce the financial impact on a company’s financial statements. Discover hedging strategies and financial instruments to execute hedging strategies. You will also learn the relevant accounting standards that apply to financial hedges and financial instruments.
This workshop comprises discussions, Q&A sessions, examples and case studies.
Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the foreign exchange markets, market mechanisms and trade flows
  • Requirements for an effective exposure forecasting process and measurement
  • Common financial instrument used for hedging
  • Basic hedging strategies used for reducing foreign exchange volatility
  • Financial systems used to execute hedging strategies
  • Accounting standards for financial hedges and financial instruments
  • Case studies on exposure identification, hedge execution and accounting standard application

Trainers Profile:

Andrew Han FCPA (Aust.)
Andrew is a Futures Instructor at Online Trading Academy who has trained over 100 graduates since 2016. Prior to this, he contributed extensively to the finance organization at The Dow Chemical Company in Asia Pacific and the United States for over 18 years in financial risk management, accounting, financial systems and audit.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia and is a Councilor on CPA Australia’s Singapore Division and Co-Chair of Professional Connect Committee.

Aylwin How
Aylwin is an Audit and Assurance Partner at Deloitte Singapore and South East Asia specializing in providing assurance and advisory services to financial institutions such as banks, broker and securities dealers, and commodity trading companies, operating in the Southeast Asian region. He holds part-time instructor roles at NTU’s Nanyang Business School and the Singapore University of Social Sciences.
He graduated with a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and has co-authored publications including Derivatives and Hedge Accounting and FRS 109 : Changes that go beyond accounting.

Jose Blasco
Jose is a Trader and Portfolio Manager specializing in hedging and trading strategies in options, equities, futures, and foreign exchange to manage portfolio risk and diversification. He is a Senior Instructor at Online Trading Academy who trains and mentors OTA students around the world.
He holds a Master of Business Administration from ESIC Business & Marketing School, Madrid Spain.


  • Understand the basic foreign exchange market mechanism and trade flows
  • Learn about exposure forecasting process requirements and effectiveness measurements
  • Learn about common financial instruments used as hedges
  • Understand common hedging strategies
  • Learn about financial systems used to execute hedging strategies
  • Lean which accounting standards are applicable to financial hedges and financial instruments used
  • Work through case studies to understand the whole process flow from exposure identification, hedge execution and accounting standard application


This workshop is suitable for finance professionals currently or who intend to be involved in the accounting for financial derivatives, who have financial planning and analysis responsibilities, or who are involved in hedging activities using financial derivatives within SMEs or Corporates.



1 day