Design thinking for finance - Workshop SG 2018

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Duration: 1 day

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Over the past decade, there has been a global shift in organisations learning from the designer’s approach to creative problem-solving and applying these concepts to their business. Organisations in various industries that have adopted Design Thinking have seen results such as increased profitability, reduced cost, improved brand reputation and overall valuation of the business. Wealthsimple, Intuit, Fidelity, and DBS are some of the market leaders that have adopted Design Thinking to develop an end-to-end experience in an ecosystem of products, services, communications, environments and processes.

Whether you are running a start-up, SME or a large enterprise, Design Thinking has proven to be a source of competitive advantage and a driver of growth for businesses. Businesses are also realising that Design Thinking may be the key to helping them survive and thrive in this disruptive and competitive economy.

In this 1-day hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Design Thinking and apply it externally to create new innovations or internally to improve your work and career.

Trainer Profile:

Jeffrey Tjendra

Jeffrey is a designer, entrepreneur, researcher, entrepreneur, consultant and nomad focused in using Business Innovation Design as a strategic approach to guide organisations innovate, grow and manage organizational change.
Global experience working with C-levels to managers in start-ups, enterprises, non-profits and government agencies from various sectors and countries to de-risk from digital disruption by navigating them through volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


• Understand the what, how, and why of design thinking applied in business
• Learn creative problem-finding and problem-solving skills designers use
• Learn how to empathise with users and extract insights into innovation opportunities
• Learn how to design and prototype innovative product and service experiences


The 1-day Design Thinking for Finance workshop is suitable for:
- Managers and executives focused on developing new initiatives and value propositions
- Finance professionals looking to improve their practice with creativity
- Entrepreneurs who are building its own venture

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