Lean finance - Workshop SG 2018

Discover practical ways of developing plans for the implementation of LEAN tools and techniques for the finance function. In addition, learn how to identify inefficiencies, and measure what is necessary for the sustainable growth of the LEAN organisation, in order to continuously drive out waste, add value and optimise performance.

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Every manager has the dual responsibility for optimising the application of resources
under their control, as well as seeking ways to minimise the costs of operational
activities. Therefore knowledge and awareness of costing and management accounting through the application of LEAN techniques is essential.

Develop your understanding of LEAN in a practical business environment and learn tools to help you identify the inefficiencies, waste and restraints on the effective utilisation of resources.

Discover practical ways of developing plans for the implementation of LEAN tools and techniques. In addition, learn how to measure and monitor what is necessary for the sustainable growth of the new, LEAN organisation, in order to see the benefits of improved efficiency, higher employee engagement and increased profitability.

This workshop is part of the Finance For the Future Program and is eligible for funding support of more than 40%* off the workshop fees. Eligibility conditions apply.

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Trainer Profile:

Malcolm Furber

Malcolm has been in consulting for the last 11 years where he has predominantly been involved in business improvement assignments in both the private and public sector. This has included a two-year SAP business intelligence project at the South African Revenue Services, a 15-month SAP re-implementation assignment at Eskom, Finance transformation at Standard bank and a 10-week assignment in Switzerland for a leading FMCG company where he undertook a finance function benchmarking exercise with 4 other Global FMCG companies.
He is a regular speaker globally on Integrated Business Planning and Performance Management, Predictive Analytics using Big Data, Supply Chain Management and Activity Based Costing much of which is based on personal case studies rather than pure theory.


• Gain knowledge on how to determine how to identify the policies and processes that exist only for their self-perpetuation
• Understand how to replace, or eliminate, those processes that do not add value
• Open up opportunities for improved and streamlined processes, as well as benefitting the decision-making activity
• Optimise value-add activities that deliver a sustainable and improve bottom line


This workshop is suitable for:

• Directors and the Senior Management Team - responsible for stakeholder satisfaction & sustainability
• Accountants, Financial Managers & Controllers - needing to be on top of their game
• Business Unit Managers & Operational Audit Managers – to ensure organisational stability
• Every manager, senior manager, controller, director or executive, has a duty to manage the resources under their control in the most effective manner but often, over time, inefficiencies can creep into activities. It is therefore very important to refresh best practices and ensure that the business is functioning to its maximum capability



1 day

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