Certificate in Visual Analytics (i2VSA) - Workshop SG 2020

This course delivers visual analytics for business intelligence (BI) and dashboard design. It teaches best practice principles and techniques for presenting data so that users can make better and efficient decisions.

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How much of data and reports is actionable information?

Good visualisation and dashboarding is more than just learning to create charts in your chosen software.  To be effective it’s a process that starts from understanding what users really need, identifying the most relevant data and using the most appropriate visual techniques, structures and ‘stories’ to support understanding, insights and action.

Learn the principles and process of design to create effective visual reports and dashboards in any software. 

This is a highly participative and interactive course with multiple case studies and activities covering information for decision making, good versus bad visual design, effective versus weak/misleading visuals, plus a comprehensive team based case study creating a board level dashboard design.

The course incorporates pre-course learning and preparation followed by two-day face to face training in a highly participative workshop. The focus is on typical real life challenges in information analysis and presentation. 

Pre-course learning

Reading material - “data dump” versus information for decision making
Problems with current reporting
Identifying a report/ dashboard to re-work post course (potential project)

Face to face training

Day 1

  • “Data dump” reporting versus information for decision making - recap and case study
  • Visual techniques for providing focus for action, new insights into data and for measuring and comparing performance
  • Common techniques and mistakes to avoid  
  • Mini case studies in applying the visual techniques learnt on the course
  • Dashboards - why they are useful,  level and amount of information to include (one page and drill down), structure to show the big picture and tell the stories in the data
  • Case study in dashboard design - developing a board level dashboard for a multi business organisation with financial and non financial information

Day 2

  • Review/ finalise and debrief on case study in dashboard design
  • Creating the advanced charting techniques and building mini case study solutions in Excel
  • How to successfully introduce new tools and techniques into the organisation
  • How to complete the post course project and attain certification
  • Share examples of past participant dashboards

Optional post course project work (required for certification)

  • Create a dashboard design to replace,  or as a “front end” to, a current reporting pack
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of key techniques and lessons learnt from the course
  • Compare “before” and “after” approaches, explaining benefits achieved


Trainer Profile

Simon Lindley

Simon Lindley is an international trainer, speaker and consultant in business transformation through analytics. He brings expertise in visual analytics and dashboard design to transform the role and performance of finance teams. Simon is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Engineer (IT) and MBA with a Masters Diploma in corporate governance. He also has training and qualifications in statistics and data science.


  • Provide participants with the capability to transform their organisation’s decision making through visual analytics and dashboards
  • Better position participants to adapt to the changing role of finance and the increasing importance of business and visual analytics
  • Provide participants with visual analytics and dashboard skills that can significantly improve their potential in their  current role and future career

- After registration participants will be given access to the trainers learning portal where they can register to receive the pre-course reading and learning materials.

- Participants must bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel (version 2010 or later) for the hands-on sections on day two of this course (an external mouse is also strongly recommended for the hands on work).   Laptops are not required on day 1 which will cover information and design.

- The Excel workbook used for day 2 will be issued at the end of day 1 of the course.


  • Finance and non-finance staff who want to present/ commission information and dashboards for analysis and decision making
  • Particularly relevant to those who need to produce financial and non-financial information for board level/ senior stakeholders who have limited time and broad information requirements
  • Anyone who wants to contribute to management information/ Business Intelligence (BI) / dashboard projects within their organisation (whether using specialist BI/ systems software or Excel)



2 days

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