Strategic business management - Workshop SG 2020

This workshop aims to improve your understanding and capacity to evaluate and influence business strategy and risk for business growth and sustainability.

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As business challenges increase, the ability of finance professionals to understand, evaluate and contribute to business strategy is the beginning. Investment, risk and prioritisation of the right future ready imperatives. It is about ensuring both growth and sustainability. This one-day program focuses explicitly on three tightly related elements. We begin with strategic thinking for uncertainty and apply this to organisational performance. We look at the shifts your business must balance between growth and sustainability as it optimised for efficiency and effectiveness. To this, we add risk management, a critical element in fast changing business times.

You’ll learn how to align strategic thinking, due diligence, standardisation and the harnessing of innovation for business growth.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Outside Insight for strategic planning in uncertain times
  • Understand the 5 step process to strategic planning changing environments
  • Risk management for growth and business sustainability
  • Role of simplification, and standardisation in growth
  • Discover how to ensure business sustainability and growth
  • Experience 2 tools that support effective data focused strategic decision making

This workshop is part of the Digital Finance Strategist Program and is eligible for funding support of more than 40%* off the workshop fees. Eligibility conditions apply. Enter code DSG2020 at checkout. To apply the promotional code, you must complete separate payment for each workshop.


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Trainer Profile

Joanne Flinn

Joanne Flinn is a best selling author, TEDx Speaker and business mentor. She lead the Financial Services Consulting Practicing for PwC in Thailand. As the artist Booth Aster, she has exhibited internationally and in the Museum of Art and Design and the ArtScience Museum her in Singapore. She credits design thinking as the field that brings the power of art to the insights of science to create something even more successful than either standing alone.


  • Role of future focused imperatives over transactional issues in business success
  • The 5 stages of business growth
  • Using tools like scenario, radical risk management, simplification and progressive analytics
  • Insight into the interactions between strategic development, selection, risk management and business growth
  • Integrate growth and sustainability strategies operationally


This workshop is suitable for Board Members, CEOs, CFOs, Business Executives, Treasury Heads, Accountants, finance practitioners, those allocating capital or with responsibility for business sustainability.



1 day

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