Business innovation - Workshop SG 2020

This workshop aims to improve your understanding and capacity to contribute to business growth from innovation, team ideas and even leading radical strategies that result in new markets and new business models.

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This one-day program focuses explicitly on unicorning for finance practitioners. It delves into the fundamentals of innovation as methodology for business change by immersing you in dynamic discussions, and team exercises. As you put your knowledge to work in several unicorn style challenges, you’ll learn how to harness the power of unicorn thinking to create a path to innovation, unveil new business model possibilities, and make a greater contribution to your organization’s future success.

 Key Topics Covered:

  • Understand the VUCA challenges to businesses today
  • Learn the fundamentals of unicorning to improve organizational performance
  • Solve complex business transformation challenges using the structured process of unicorn thinking
  • Experience 3 unicorn business tools that support analytical decision making
  • Develop new ways to build a collaborative effective working environment

This workshop is part of the Digital Finance Strategist Program and is eligible for funding support of more than 40%* off the workshop fees. Eligibility conditions apply. Enter code DSG2020 at checkout. To apply the promotional code, you must complete separate payment for each workshop.

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Trainer Profile

Joanne Flinn

Joanne Flinn is a best selling author, TEDx Speaker and business mentor. She lead the Financial Services Consulting Practicing for PwC in Thailand. As the artist Booth Aster, she has exhibited internationally and in the Museum of Art and Design and the ArtScience Museum her in Singapore. She credits design thinking as the field that brings the power of art to the insights of science to create something even more successful than either standing alone.


  • Role of future focus over results focus in business innovation
  • The 3 levels of unicorn thinking
  • Using tools like change map, dispruptiser, narratives and artificial intelligence
  • Experience challenging, innovating and refining changes to products, services, markets and business models
  • Apply unicorning to specific business challenges


This workshop is suitable for CFOs, Executives. Business leaders, Accountants, finance practitioners, leaders and team members with little knowledge or experience of corporate accounting and project accounting and finance. Finance experts will find this program assists communicating with other leaders in their business.



1 day

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