Accounting standards - Leases FRS116 - Workshop SG 2020

This workshop aims to give you a practical perspective on the FRS116 standards and to allow you to apply these standards to your respective situations.

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FRS 116, ‘Leases’, replaces the current guidance in FRS 17.  Under FRS 116, lessees has to recognise a lease liability reflecting future lease payments and a ‘right-of-use asset’ for almost all lease contracts. This is a significant change compared to FRS 17 under which lessees were required to make a distinction between a finance lease (on balance sheet) and an operating lease (off balance sheet). FRS 116 contains an optional exemption for certain short-term leases and leases of low-value assets; however, this exemption can only be applied by lessees.  This new revenue standard will be required for reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019.

Key Topics Covered:

Session 1

  • Overview of FRS 116
    • What has changed from FRS 17
    • The changes to lessee accounting

Session 2

  • Scope

– definition of a lease

  • Recognition exemption
    • Exemption from lease accounting

Session 3

  • Identifying a lease
    • Measurement of lease liability

– Components of lease liability

– Lease term

  • Measurement of right of use asset

– Components of right of use asset

  • Accounting entries
  • Tax effect of temporary differences

Session 4

  • Sale and leaseback transaction

– Interaction with FRS 115

  • Sublease

– accounting requirements

Session 5

  • Lessor accounting
  • Finance and operating leases

Session 6

  • Transition options

– Full retrospective

– Limited retrospective

  • Disclosure requirements

Trainer Profile

Oh Ai Sim

Ms Oh has over 21 years of audit related experience with a big four accounting firm. Her portfolio of clients includes public listed entities and multinational corporations covering the following industries: retailing, manufacturing, trading, property development and construction. She also conducted in-house and client training covering FRS and audit related topics.


  • Gain an overview understanding of FRS 116
  • Learn the changes to lessee accounting
  • Understand tax effect of temporary differences
  • Apply disclosure requirements


This workshop is suitable for Accountants, Financial Managers, Finance Controllers and anyone who is interested in the FRS 116 requirements and its application.



1 day

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