Certificate in Innovation - Workshop 2019

This workshop is available in Kuala Lumpur (2,3&4-Dec). Attend this globally recognised certification workshop from the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) with your teams to jump start the innovation journey and create robust business concepts.

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For REPs, Member staff and Group (3+) registrations, complete & email registration form to cpd.malaysia@cpaaustralia.com.au

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KC Teow
Are you looking to get ahead of competition and identify new areas of growth? Jump start innovation and get your team to think out-of-the-box with proven tools and techniques that will help you or your organisation to achieve innovation breakthroughs.
Attend this globally-recognised certification workshop from the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) with your teams to jump start the innovation journey and create robust business concepts.

Key topics covered:

Module 1: Demystifying innovation
• Identify the need to capture innovation premiums and become the company to invest in, the brand to buy, the partner of choice and a great place to work
• Define the innovation ecosystem which is not only changes in offerings or technology but also changes in business models, partners, experience, delivery and markets
• Recognise what constitutes an innovation breakthrough focusing on four key components: trends, needs, business models and combined capabilities

Module 2: Innovation techniques and creative problem solving
• Generate more and better ideas using a structured approach for creative problem solving
• Practise building your own innovation technique through creative combinations of compelling trends, basic human needs and simple yet proven business models for creating new value across the innovation value chain

Module 3: Innovation breakthrough process
• Review the methodology behind an innovation breakthrough process
• Define a clear innovation focus using 5-step process

Certification workshop and Level 1 Certification exam


  • Learn tools and techniques to generate innovation breakthroughs
  • Create and capture new value in the business eco system from innovating the business model to making changes in production, offering, delivery and markets
  • Identify components of innovation breakthroughs—basic human needs, emerging trends, business models and combined capabilities
  • Use different thinking styles at each step of the creative problem solving process
  • Define growth gaps and targets for strategic innovation focus.
  • Identify insights inside and outside the company. Structure ideas in a Business Opportunity Map
  • Identify new and exciting strategic spaces to drive future growth (Fields-of-Play) and generate new business concepts
  • Create a compelling business case and value proposition pitch

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Anyone who wants to broaden their capabilities in innovation, build a career in innovation, or help their organization become a leader and high performer in both the creation and capture of business value via business innovation and innovation strategies.



3 days

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