GST to SST: Mechanism and transitional issues - Workshop 2018

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Mr Chow Chee Yen

This workshop looks into the issues related to the transition and addresses the potential impacts that businesses may face during the transition and new implementation of the proposed SST.

Key topics covered:

Sales Tax 

  • Goods subject to sales tax
  • Goods exempted from sales tax
  • Taxable person 
  • Sales tax rates 
  • Invoice, credit and debit notes 
  • Special treatment for specific areas
  • Impact on price of goods
  • Transitional issues

Service Tax

  • Taxable services
  • Taxable person 
  • Service tax rate 
  • Invoice, credit and debit notes
  • Contra system 
  • Inter-company management services
  • Designated area 
  • Special area 
  • Transitional issues


  • Describe Sales Tax and Service Tax
  • Learn the goods and services that are affected
  • Explore the transitional issues from GST to SST - registration, collections, GST input tax credit etc.

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Accounts assistant, accounts executive, Chartered Accountant, finance manager, auditors, tax agent, consultant, finance director, financial
controller, CFO, general manager, CEO, COO, company directors and business owners.



1 day