Business acumen for young professionals - Workshop 2018

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Mr T Seelan

Business acumen underpins knowledge, sound decision-making capabilities and having the confidence to lead your organization or department. Business Acumen is the keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome. Additionally, business acumen has emerged as a vehicle for improving financial performance and leadership development. It is an understanding of how to be profitable and how to translate vision into a positive bottom line.

Key topics covered:

  • Understanding business and management teams
  • Critical financial terminology you should know and understand
  • Comprehensive A-Z listing of business and management terms
  • The fundamental elements of business acumen
  • The importance and benefits of strategic management
  • Elements of the strategic planning process
  • Environmental analysis
  • Plans for profits
  • Balance scorecard approach
  • Key performance indicators
  • The financial statements – the income statement, cash flow statement, the statement of financial position
  • Short term decision making
  • Blue ocean strategy


  • Learn the fundamental elements of business acumen

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Financial controllers, corporate financial advisors, accountants, finance manager, account managers, valuers, reporting accountants, CMSRL holders and ERPs



1 day