MFRS 16 Leases - Workshop 2018

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Mr Ng Kean Kok

Learn the requirements of MFRS 16 and be in a position to better prepare for the impending changes coming when MFRS 16 becomes effective for accounting periods starting on or after 1 January 2019.


Key topics covered:

  • Introduction to MFRS 16
  • Scope and Core principles
  • Accounting by lessees
  • Accounting by lessors and ‘sale and leaseback’
  • Presentation and disclosures
  • Other matters


  • Explain the developments leading to MFRS 16
  • Explain the core principles of MFRS 16
  • Explain and apply the requirements for a lease in respect of recording and accounting for lease contract
  • Ascertain the effects on business and the systems within the business
  • Understand the presentation and disclosure requirements as required
  • Prepare for the challenges and implementation issues under MFRS 16

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CFO, directors, accountants, finance manager, account managers



1 day