Annual Improvements to MFRS Standards updates - Workshop 2018

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Mr J Selvarajah

This workshop highlights the revised definitions of the elements in the financial statements, their recognition and derecognition criteria and capital maintenance.
Key topics covered:
• Annual Improvements to MFRS Standards and Updates 2015-2017 Cycle
• MFRS 112 – Income Taxes
• MFRS 132 – Borrowing Costs
• MFRS 3 – Business Combinations
• MFRS 11 – Joint Arrangements
• Revised Conceptual Framework


• Learn the improvements made by IASB in the MFRS Standards
• Understand their application in practice
• Explore revised Conceptual Framework for MFRS Standards and its application to recognition and measurement requirements of the various Standards

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Accountants, finance and corporate finance professional, internal or external auditors consultant, staff of audit and accounting firm.



1 day