Financial and retirement planning - Workshop 2018

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Prof. Dr.Saravanan Muthaiyah

The highlight of the two-day course is first financial planning and second retirement planning. This workshop will educate and prepare you for your retirement.


Key topics covered:

• What is retirement planning and stylized facts
• Financial planning and strategies
• Valuation and of personal financial net worth
• Cash flow analysis
• How are we becoming poorer systematically
• Inflation and present value analysis power of $$$
• Replacement ratio analysis
• Compounding factor and the power of compounding
• Personal Balance sheet and cash flow analysis
• EPF (Account Management)
• AKPK (Debt management & consolidation - CTOS & CCRIS)
• Rule 72 and compounding – how does this affect you?
• Will writing, Hibah, Asset Administration and Trust
• How to manage retirement gracefully – health, diet, etc.
• What medical coverage will I get and how much will it cost?
• Design a retirement plan that works best for you, e.g. Syariah principles, gift, Rule 9 (3) and other EPF related questions


  • Recognise ways to prepare financially for retirement
  • Analyse your current retirement savings situation
  • Explore your credit analysis
  • Measure your retirement gap
  • Examine your will and trust

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Any individual who is keen on understanding and planning for their retirement



2 days