Reading, analysis and interpreting the financial statements - Workshop 2018

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Ms Shuba Kumar


This workshop will guide participants to read the annual report and interpret income statements, balance sheets, notes to the accounts and cash flow statements. By understanding the information contained in each of these key reports, participants will have a solid foundation upon which to base more advanced analysis of their firm's financial performance. Moreover, one must understand the limitations of annual reports and the practice of window dressing and creative accounting in order to look beyond the financial numbers to uncover business realities.


Key topics covered:

  • Introduction to the crucial components in a corporate annual report
  • Reading the income statement and the statement of comprehensive income
  • Reading the statement of financial position (Balance Sheet)
  • Reading the cash flow statement
  • Reading the statement of changes in equity- what does it tell you


  • State the annual report and interpret the information in the income statements, balance sheets, notes to the accounts and cash flow statements
  • Explain how the three reports relate to one another and how they are combined (with additional information) to serve as an annual report
  • Analyse with online sources of financial information to conduct research on other publicly-traded firms and industries

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Fund Managers, Portfolio Managers, Traders, Bank managers, Accountants & Accounts Executive / Associate, Finance Executive & Corporate Finance executive, Internal/External Auditors, CMSRL holders and ERPs



1 day