Auditors, financial statements and reports under Companies Act 2016 - Workshop 2018

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Ms Leong Oi Wah

This workshop provides you with an understanding of the provisions in the Companies Act 2016 on the preparation of financial statement and reports, the extent and details of the information to be provided therein. The obligations imposed on a private company to circulate the financial statement within stipulated timeframe would be highlighted together with the procedures for dealing with auditors


Key topics covered:

  • Auditors’ qualifications, appointment, removal and resignation
  • Auditors’ remuneration and expenses
  • Duties and rights of auditors
  • Preparation of financial statements and reports
  • Business review and system, of internal control
  • Circulation o financial statements and reports
  • Lodgement of financial statements with registrar


  • Deal with the appointment of auditors under the new provisions
  • Have a better understanding of the contents to be included I the financial statements
  • Note the obligations of the company in the circulation of the financial statements

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Audit committee members, Independent Directors, company secretaries, internal auditors, risk managers, CFO’s, financial controllers, COO’s, CEOs, Managing Directors, Chartered Accountants, advisors, auditors, consultants, professionals and staff involved in financial reporting for PLCs, CMSRL and ERPs.



1 day