Best practices in presentation of financial statements and annual reports - Workshop 2018

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T Seelan


The preparation of financial statements requires compliance with detailed requirements of Financial Reporting Standards and Company Law. This workshop explores the requirements of the Financial Reporting Standards as well as the Companies Act to ascertain the best treatment and presentation possible.


Key topics covered:

  • The balance sheet and the statement of financial position
  • The income statement and the statement of comprehensive income
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • The cash flow statement and the statement of cash flow
  • Other statements in annual report
  • Related party transaction
  • Provision
  • Financial instruments


  • Prepare and present primary financial statements more efficiently
  • Present other reports required by statute more efficiently
  • Ensure compliance with relevant FRSs
  • Present important components in a favourable manner
  • Ensure legal compliance

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Financial controllers, corporate financial advisors, accountants, finance manager, account managers, corporate planners, company secretaries, financial analysts, administration managers.



1 day