Latest developments on tax incentives in Malaysia - Workshop 2018

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Mr Sivaram Nagappan


This workshop provides the understanding of various tax incentives presently available (including to Small Medium Enterprises), its features, criteria, application processes, and discusses the practical approach besides providing a detail update of the recent developments of the said incentives as outlined below. The tax incentives in the form of profit or capital driven provided under the Income Tax Act 1967 or Promotion of Investment Act 1986 will also be addressed.


Key topics covered:

  • Pioneer Status
  • Investment Tax Allowances
  • Infrastructure Allowance
  • Reinvestment Allowances (RA)
  • Incentives for Approved Services Projects
  • Pre-package incentive on Approved Business
  • Double Deductions
  • Group Relief for Losses
  • Accelerated Capital Allowances
  • Research and Development
  • Principal Hub
  • Latest updates, including updates in the Budget 2019


  • Explore the various tax incentives available in Malaysia
  • Learn the features, criteria and application processes of tax incentives
  • Acquire the latest updates, including updates in the Budget 2019

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Tax agents, accountants, finance directors, finance managers, business managers and anyone who is interested in this topic area



1 day