Budgeting practice and cash flow forecasting techniques - Workshop 2018

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Presenter: Mr Kenneth Tam

This workshop introduces the business planning and budgeting framework as well as the cash flow forecasting for the accountant and business planner. Learn the right approach and techniques used in budgeting for effective resource planning to meet and achieve the company’s corporate strategy.

Key topics covered:

  • Importance of planning framework in the budgeting process
  • How to set objectives and strategies
  • Approach of budget preparation
  • How to develop a functional budget
  • How to prepare a master budget
  • Alternative approach of budget system
  • Cash flow forecasting and planning


  • Recognise the business planning process, preparation and evaluate strategy using economic earning approach
  • Learn how to prepare effective business plan
  • Apply the budgeting framework and link the budget to the business plan to achieve the company‚Äôs objective
  • Learn the approach to develop budget guideline, budget assumption, sales forecasting techniques and operating expenses budget
  • Learn the major weakness and alternative techniques of budgeting system
  • Explore the approach in preparing cash flow and ways to resolve cash deficit

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Head of department and staff who are involved in the preparation of budget, accountant, business planners, business owners and finance executive



1 day