Enterprise risk management - Workshop 2018

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Dr Steven Liew Woon Choy


This workshop will help to provide you with an environment that stimulates proactive behaviour to achieve greater goals for yourselves and your organisation. Practical and actual problematic risk mitigation strategy planning cases will be analysed and scenario solutions will be provided.


Key topics covered:

  • Module 1: Overview of risk management
  • Module 2: Risk management structure
  • Module 3: Be a business turnaround risk specialist (case study)
  • Module 4: Risk assessment (technological, operational, financial, human capital)
  • Module 5: Mitigating strategies and controls
  • Module 6: Risk modelling skills (case study)

NOTE: Please bring along your laptop


  • Instil the habit of anticipation about identifying possible project problems, uncertainties, and contingencies
  • Produce risk management register which itemises and assesses the risks, risk triggers, risk responses, and response implementation
  • Practical projects: Opportunities vs Risk
  • Explore the risk management: Strategy to execution
  • Identify the risk categories
  • Case studies on risk mitigation strategy planning program

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Entrepreneurs, financial analyst, risk analyst, project managers, bankers, accountants, business managers, marketing managers and all those who want to master the skills of risk mitigation in strategy planning program



1 day