Writing financial and business reports: Bringing out the story behind the numbers - Workshop 2018

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Ms Lum Woon Foong


As a finance professional, you would be expected to convey not only figures and statistics, but also the significance of those numbers. And often your challenge is how to convey the meaning behind those numbers in a crisp, clear and compelling manner. By applying the writing techniques in this workshop, you will be able to get through to your readers and add value to your reporting of financial and business performance.


Key topics covered

  • Different reports, different strategies
  • Know your readers
  • Organise your content
  • Tell the story behind the numbers
  • Employ vital writing techniques
  • Dealing with finance jargon
  • Persuade your readers
  • Case studies


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify strategies to write effective financial and business reports
  • Organise report content to meet the needs of management
  • Apply techniques for conveying complex, technical ideas clearly
  • Highlight the significance of the numbers reported

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Accountants, finance professionals and anyone who needs to communicate facts and figures often.



2 days