Comprehensive tax computation for companies - Workshop 2018

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Mr Ravi Balakrishnan

This one day workshop will help in enabling finance and accounting personnel to appreciate the requirements of tax return submissions and help them to prepare or even review a basic tax computation and Form C. Under the self-assessment system, all taxpayers are required to know the relevant laws even if you have an expensive or not-so-expensive tax agent to do it.

Key topics covered:

  • Module 1: Overview of Malaysian tax system
  • Module 2: Capital vs. revenue – income & deductible and prohibited expenses
  • Module 3: Tax computation & capital allowances – mechanism of preparing and reviewing tax computation
  • Module 4: Review main items of form c and worksheets
  • Module 5: Highlights of main public rulings
  • Module 6: Self -assessment system
  • Module 7: Others


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand the basic requirements of a company tax computation
  • compute the top computation and determine what types if income subject to tax and analysis of income & expenses and provision and balance sheet items
  • understand the calculation of capital allowance
  • review of Main Form C items.
  • prepare worksheets (Helian Kerja) as required
  • take into account the other items such as single and double deductions

All our workshops are available via in-house training.


Finance managers, financial controllers, accountants, auditors, financial managers, company secretaries and tax practitioners



1 day