Deductible and non-deductible expenses with law and case laws - Workshop 2020

This workshop is available in Ipoh (5-Aug), Kuala Lumpur (7-Oct) and Melaka (20-Oct). This workshop will cover an overview of the various legislations and public rulings pertaining to deductible and non-deductible expenses.

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Presenter (s):
Mr Ravi Balakrishnan

This workshop will focus mostly on the various case laws, both Malaysian and others, from an accountants’ perspective affecting expenses whereby a participant can gain an insight on the issues that can be taken into account on whether an expense can be claimed or not. The focus will not be as much as on the legislation and public rulings compared to the case laws.

The case laws covered will be on many areas including general tests for deductions, duality of expenses and capital or revenue expenses. It will focus on the various arguments in each case and the principles that can be discerned from each case especially the views of the Inland Revenue Board. The workshop will give an idea on the issues that the IRB looks into issues in typical cases that gives an exposure to those not in the legal field such as accountants.

The workshop will benefit those in the accounting and finance and taxation fields.

Key topics covered:

  • Overview of relevant legislations and public rulings regarding deductible and non-deductible expenses.   
  • Overview of public rulings pertaining to expenses including interest restriction and trade debts and entertainment
  • Case laws on various issues relevant to deductibility and non-deductibility of expenses


  • Understand provisions affecting deductible and non-deductible expenses
  • Recognise various Public rulings affecting expenses
  • Classify case laws on various issues of expenses

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Senior accountants, accounts executives, financial controllers professional audit firms and tax firms, management of SMEs corporates.



1 day

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