Event driven investing and its applications - Workshop 2018

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Event-driven investing is a hedge fund investment strategy that seeks to capture pricing inefficiencies that may occur before or after a corporate event, such as spin-off, merger, sale of assets, privatisation.

Event-driven investing is rarely used by traditional equity investors because of the liquidity and market capitalisation requirements stated in the investment mandate. However, for knowledgeable and flexible investors, such as professional investors, hedge fund managers and high net worth individuals, event-driven investing not only help enhance portfolio returns but also provide well diversification to traditional asset classes.

Key topics covered:

• What is Event-driven Investing?
• How to use a rule-based, bottom-up selection process to spot event-driven investment opportunities?
• Case study on corporate events such as mergers, spin-offs and privatisation, etc.

Trainer profile:

Alex Chow, CFA, FIRM

Alex has solid experience in financial markets and asset management. He works as a senior investment manager in a Hong Kong-based hedge fund company and his expertise is value investing and event-driven investing. Prior to joining to Agg. Asset Management, Mr Chow worked with several listed companies that focus on real estate projects and hedge fund investments.


  • Have a basic understanding on event-driven investing
  • Know the bottom-up selection process to spot event-driven investment opportunities
  • Apply the event-driven investing and identify equities that could undergo transformative corporate events
  • Understand the shortcomings of event-driven investing


Finance professionals, Accountants, Relationship managers and Investors



3 hours