Options trading and its applications - Workshop 2018

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Options trading has seen a surge in popularity in the past few years. As a derivative, options are often perceived as risky investment products. However, with deeper understanding in options, you will see the advantages offered by options and how they can add value to your personal investment portfolio.

Options can be used as an insurance to your portfolio, hedging against market risk, pair-trading and even capturing arbitrage opportunities.

In addition to managing portfolio risk, options the total value of high-capitalisation stocks represented in each benchmark futures and options contract is substantial and only one commission is charged to establish or liquidate a contract, low transaction cost is also one of the reasons why options trading is becoming more popular in Hong Kong.

Key topics covered:

  • Use of options to enhance investment returns
  • Key elements in option contracts
  • Six factors affecting options premium
  • Introduction and explanation of option strategies
  • Case study on advanced options strategies

Trainer profile:

Alex Chow, CFA, FIRM

Alex has solid experience in financial markets and asset management. He works as a senior investment manager in a Hong Kong-based hedge fund company and his expertise is value investing and event-driven investing. Prior to joining to Agg. Asset Management, Mr Chow worked with several listed companies that focus on real estate projects and hedge fund investments.


  • Have a basic understanding on option trading
  • Understand the factors that affecting option pricing
  • Understand the pros and cons of different options trading strategies
  • Can use suitable option strategies to enhance your personal investment returns


Finance professionals, Accountants, Relationship managers and Investors



3 hours