Valuation cases in Merger and Acquisition - Workshop 2018

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This seminar aims to through case sharing to provide an in-depth discussion about the valuation practice in merger and acquisition.

Key topics covered:

  • Re-cap of valuation methodologies
  • Case studies
  • Market vs Income vs Cost
  • Control vs minority
  • Valuation adjustments
  • Equity vs debt
  • Moral hazard
  • Costs and benefits of IPO
  • Level of value, internal vs external
  • Gap between business and accounting
  • Listing Rules requirements
  • Impact from different structure/offering on financial performance

Trainer profile:

Ferry Choy, Director, Flagship Appraisals and Consulting Limited

Ferry is an experienced International Certified Valuation Specialist. He has handled more than hundreds of valuation cases. He provides valuation services for financial reporting, transactions and IPO purpose.


  • Understand the common valuation methodologies used in merger and acquisition; and
  • Highlight the major issues of a valuation for merger and acquisition


Corporate decision makers, senior management (C-suites), financial controller, investment-related positions, financial accountants.



3 hours