Financial reporting suite: Inventories and Investment Property - Workshop 2018

The workshop will introduce the participants detailed overview of HKAS 2 Inventories and HKAS 40 Investment Property.

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The workshop will introduce the participants detailed overview of HKAS 2 Inventories and HKAS 40 Investment Property. The program will be based on the current financial reporting standards applicable in Hong Kong and will focus on the practical application to measure inventories and to specify the accounting for investment properties, and the presentation and disclosure for these two items.


Key topics covered:

Inventories (HKAS 2)

  • Fundamental principle of HKAS 2
  • Measurement of inventories
  • Procedure to ascertain cost
  • Cost for work-in-progress
  • Disclosure

Investment Property (HKAS 40)

  • Objective and scope of HKAS 40
  • Initial recognition and measurement
  • Subsequent measurement
  • Cost model
  • Fair value model
  • The interaction between HKAS 2 Inventories, HKAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment and HKAS 40 Investment Property
  • Accounting for derecognition
  • Disclosure

Trainer profile:

Kamsuo Wong, MA LLM MBA FCPA (Aust.)

With three Masterandrsquo;s degrees under his belt, Kamsuo Wong, a candidate for a Doctorate degree of Education, is highly regarded as a multi-faceted academic backed by over fifteen years of extensive professional experience in accounting. He is a professional accountant in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia and the member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CPFA), and CPA Australia (FCPA). He is also the Expert Council Advisor of International Financial Management Association. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Centennial College (an independent College established by University of Hong Kong), Adjunct Lecturer at a number of universities and tertiary education institutions.



  • Discuss the nature of inventories
  • Identify an investment property within the scope of HKAS 40 and situation when a property can be transferred in and out of the investment property category
  • Explain how to measure inventories and investment property
  • Explain what is included in the cost of inventory and investment property
  • Explain the net realisable value basis of measurement and account for adjustments to net realisable value
  • Explain the disclosure requirement for inventory and investment property


This seminar is designed for accounting and finance professionals who are involved in measure inventories and in accounting for investment properties.andnbsp;



3 hours

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