Analysing financial tricks I: Income distributions - Workshop 2018

This workshop aims to provide you with the understanding on the nature of financial shenanigans, the nature of corporate actions and financial tricks of income distribution.

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This workshop aims to provide you with the basic and practical knowledge in understanding financial tricks. It discusses different types of corporate actions, the financial tricks for income distributions and possible early warning signals. Real-life cases will be used to illustrate the use of financial tricks.

Key topics covered:

  • What are financial shenanigans?
  • What are corporate actions?
  • Financial tricks for income distributions
  • Red flags
  • Real-life cases on understanding financial tricks

Trainer profile:

Dr M. K. Lai is the Principal Consultant of Executive Training and Management Consultancy Company Limited. Since 2000, he has been offering professional consulting services and quality training programs to many financial institutions, business firms, professional bodies and academic organizations. He obtained a doctorate in finance at the London Business School. He is a CFA charterholder. He has published a number of professional books and articles.


  • Understand financial shenanigans in the financial markets
  • Know different types of corporate actions
  • Gain insights from how companies make use of financial tricks in income distributions


This workshop is suitable for accountants, auditors, finance professionals and anyone who is interested in enhancing their understanding of financial tricks in income distributions.



3 hours

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