Key updates on cybersecurity threats - Workshop 2020

We are facing new threats in cybersecurity every day, it is almost impossible for those at the management level to understand every threat that appears. In this workshop, the speakers will introduce some effective methods and tools for risk management team to keep track of the latest threat trend.

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This workshop aims to provide you with some effective methods and tools for risk management team to keep track of the latest trends of cyber threats.

Key topics covered:

  • Top 5 new threat in 2019-20
  • The importance of keep update on new threats
  • How to set up a threat intelligent platform for your company
  • Some useful website and tools to keep update on worldwide threat intelligent


Trainers profile:

Windham Wong, Senior Advisor (Cybersecurity), ShineWing Hong Kong

Windham has considerable experience in the fields of cybersecurity log management and threat intelligence. He is a former security analyst of managed security operation centre in UK. He obtained his Master Degree of Computer Systems Security in University of South Wales, UK. He has also possessed various professional qualifications (i.e. OSCP, GCIA, QSTM).

Marco Lam, Senior Advisor (Cybersecurity), ShineWing Hong Kong

Marco has extensive experience in areas of AI, Big Data Technology, software development and cybersecurity. He worked in a multinational advanced software company before. He is a graduate of the STP Incubation Programme and also an awardee of the Cyberport CCMF Award.


  • Discuss the key updates of cyber threats
  • Implement corporate risk management


This workshop is suitable for Auditors, CEOs, CFOs, and professional accountants in business.



1.5 hours

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