Stimulating motivation and managing your EQ with Mindfulness - Workshop 2020

The workshop aims to provide you a tool to re-focus your mind on things that stimulates productivity, reinforce the importance “feeling good” for office and front-line staff, as well as managers and/or business leaders to drive a more positive, committed and confident team environment.

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“Your mind can either be your prison or your palace. What you make it is yours to decide.” Bernard Calvin Clive

In today’s society, change is becoming a constant variable both within and outside of a professional service provider for financial institutions. Great leaders and managers within the company should all be capable not only in managing self and administering daily routines, but also in possessing a positive mindset, helping teammates in managing stress as well as motivating self and others to stay adaptive to changes, take ownership and sustain self-empowerment with the right EQ in this dynamic and fast-paced business world.

Mindfulness is “the ability to deliberately paying attention to your experience in relationships, at work and in person as it occurs without judgement.”

Key topics covered:

  • Paying conscious attention (i.e. sense of focus)
  • Noticing in particular ways (i.e. awareness)
  • Doing it moment by moment (i.e. resilience)

Trainer profile:

Dr Harry Wong (aka Dr. Happy), FCPA
ABNLP certified NLP master trainer (Asia 1st) and master coach (China 1st)
Certified Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and Materials
Certificate Holder of MIT’s MSS Mastering Design Thinking
Accredited HKMAAL General Mediator (Accountancy and Family)

Harry is a business consultant, training architect and director with over 29 years of extensive global and Greater China business and people management experience and has trained over 38,000 business students and professionals in universities and corporations on strength based leadership, art of storytelling, happy coaching, mindfulness x NLP, team empowerment, innovation, design thinking x LSP Method and change management with his passionate, interactive, lively training and facilitating style. In 2019, he has been awarded Smart Corporate Training Leader by Mediazone.


  • Discuss how mindfulness correlates to resilience, clarity, wellbeing and emotional balance
  • Increase self-awareness, stimulate better emotional intelligence and feel more energised at your fingertips
  • Be able to concentrate better and more productive at work for self and team’s work performance
  • Demonstrate practical tips and right mindset to engage your team and stay immune from stress and promote motivation and mindfulness at work


This workshop is suitable for accounting professionals and business managers who is interested to learn some “self-help” ways in stimulating and sustaining “feel good” moments for self and others at work and in life.



3 hours

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