Preparing consolidated financial statement - Workshop 2019.

The workshop aims to provide you with an introduction of the concept and standards of consolidated financial statements. Business combination, types of investment and the relevant accounting treatments will be covered over two workshops including investment in subsidiary, associate and joint venture.

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One of the main roles of professional accountant is to prepare financial information for intended users to make decision. Understanding the accounting standards is essential for members to maintain professional competence and due care. The workshop aims to enhance members understanding on accounting treatment and disclosure requirement under consolidation frameworks with practical examples illustration.

Key topics covered:

  • Principles of consolidation
    - Introduction to group accounting
    - Control concept
    - HKFRS 3 (revised) Business Combination – Scope and accounting for business combination
    - Goodwill calculation
  • Consolidation framework: HKFRS 10, HKFRS 11 & HKFRS 12
    - Accounting for subsidiaries – Acquisition method
    - Accounting for associates and joint arrangements – Equity method
    - Disclosure requirement

Trainer profile:

Polly Lo, CPA, MFA

Polly is a CPA with several years auditing working experience in one of the Big 4 firms in Hong Kong. She is experienced in providing external audit assurance service to Hong Kong listed companies in retail, manufacturing and telecommunication business sectors. She also has an extensive experience in delivering professional examination trainings such as CPA Australia Ethics and Governance and Advanced Audit and Assurance to the public as being a full-time lecturer of Kaplan Financial.


  • Identify the accounting principles and disclosure requirements for preparing a consolidated financial statements
  • Apply the principles learned throughout the course in a practical setting
  • Calculate relevant amounts for inclusion in the consolidated financial statements


This workshop is suitable for accountants and anyone who need to enhance their understanding on consolidation framework.



6 hours

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