Hong Kong profits tax updating and planning 2019 - Workshop 2019

This workshop will review fundamental principles and practices on Hong Kong profits tax, provide an update on recent development and discuss strategies for tax planning.

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This series of workshops is divided into two levels and four sessions. Session 1 and 2 will provide you with an update on fundamental principles and concepts, while session 3 and 4 will focus on analysing application of principles from tax planning perspectives.

Key topics covered:

Session 1: Fundamental principles – charging scope

  • Basic charging section - source rules, capital v revenue income
  • Two-tiered tax rates
  • Taxation on digital business
  • Deeming section
  • Exemption and relief – offshore funds, corporate treasury centers

Session 2: Fundamental principles – deduction rules

  • General deduction
  • Specific deduction – Interest deduction, super deduction on R&D activities, intellectual property acquisition, etc
  • Depreciation allowances

Session 3: Tax planning principles 1

  • Forms of investments
  • Profits repatriation
  • Double tax arrangement
  • Anti-avoidance rules and cases

Session 4: Tax planning principles 2

  • Business acquisition
  • Court free amalgamation
  • Related party transaction
  • Stamp duty for intra group transfer
  • Practical tax planning cases review

Trainer profile:

Percy Wong, Teaching fellow at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Percy has over 20 years of experience in tax consultancy and education. Currently, he is one of the joint editors of the Asia Pacific Journal of Taxation, jointly published by the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the co-author of the book, Hong Kong Taxation – A Practical Guide. He was formerly a member of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Board of Review.


  • Understand advanced aspects of Hong Kong profits tax laws, rules and practices that may affect tax planning decisions on cross-border investment and trading
  • Recognise the impact of changes in tax laws and tax cases on business transactions and organisations with particular reference to Hong Kong situation
  • Evaluate the development of international taxation environment and how it impinges on business structures and transactions that are organised on a global basis
  • Identify tax planning opportunities and integrate appropriate tax strategies in corporate business planning decisions


This series of workshops is suitable for professional accountants, tax practitioners, and those who are interested to have an in-depth understanding on Hong Kong profits tax and its latest development, for deriving appropriate tax planning strategies.



3 hours

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