Project modelling using Excel 2018 - Workshop

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This workshop is designed for accountants, finance professionals and managers who need to increase their knowledge of project finance. The workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to build a robust project financial model from start to finish. You will consider drivers for revenue, operations and maintenance costs, capital expenditure, depreciation, debt and equity modelling and taxation.

During the workshop you will run a range of scenarios and adjust the timing of key events to culminate in the completion of a financial statement into the viability of the new project.

Key topics:

  • A comprehensive overview of the theory of project modelling in Excel
  • The modelling of revenue, expenses, capital expenditure and finances
  • A thorough grounding in the tools and functions available in Excel including: INDEX, MATCH, VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, OFFSET, PPMT, XNPV, MIN, and nested IF Statements
  • The creation of a corkscrew account which will assists in modelling debt
  • Modelling revenue, expenses, capital expenditure and the finances to fund the project
  • Using the equity discount rate, the model will automate a project cost using Excel’s goal seek tool and some VBA (which will be provided)
  • A more streamlined method to calculate straight-line depreciation where the asset commissioning date drives the calculations
  • Map the impact of inflation on salary, operational and maintenance costs
  • Creating NPV and IRR calculations using both project and equity cash flow
  • Practical guidance on the layout and structuring of workbooks for analysis and project forecasting


  • Follow a logical, structured and disciplined approach towards designing and building financial models
  • Build two distinct models from start to finish
  • Demonstrate project finance transactions, the types of models used and their layout
  • Define the meaning of the outputs of these models and translate to management
  • Add simple VBA code to a model to automate common Excel tasks which will aid with model calculations
  • Reduce modelling errors to make your models more robust

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This workshop is designed specifically for finance and accounting professionals who use Excel in their day to day roles.

Participants will gain the maximum benefit from this course if they are already competent spreadsheets users. The course is designed for people who use Excel on a regular basis, and are comfortable with using its tools and functions.

Please bring a USB.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date. Please enrol at least 3 working days prior to the workshop to ensure any dietary and special requirements can be accommodated.

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1 day