Strategic thinking and strategy execution - the finance professional’s role 2018 - 2 day workshop

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Today more than ever managers must develop their skills in strategic thinking if they are to add value to their organisations. Strategic thinking is about envisioning where the organisation needs to be and how to get it there. However, if strategic thinking is to result in tangible benefits and outcomes then such thinking must translate into effective plans that must be executed through effective resource management.

In today’s intense competitive environment, finance professionals and business managers must work seamlessly and closer together than ever before in order to drive the success of their organisations. It is therefore imperative that there is a shared understanding of the strategy and ultimate financial outcomes of the organisation. Finance professionals must get more involved in strategy if they are to play a pivotal role in driving organisational outcomes.

At the hub of effective strategic planning and corporate performance management are the important processes of budgeting and forecasting. However, the outcomes of these processes are dependent on how well they are linked to the strategic planning process and the robustness of the tools and techniques used. Finally, the benefits of an improved planning, budgeting and forecasting process must be supported by corporate performance management systems that monitor, manage and report on organisational outcomes in a sustainable manner. Finance professionals must recognise the critical role they play in this context.

Successfully confronting these challenges requires management tools and frameworks that deliver results. Leading management accounting thinking, tools and techniques today are well advanced and have kept pace with the advance of technology and the e-commerce environment in which businesses operate. However, finance professionals as well as business managers must be skilled and competent in exploiting these tools and techniques for improving the financial and operational sustainability of their organisations.

Our experienced facilitator will share invaluable insights and actionable advice to drive success as well as discuss case studies and emerging best practices.


  • Understand the increasing strategic context of the finance professional in organisations
  • Analyse organisational situations and think strategically to influence outcomes
  • Apply key strategic models in your organisation to deliver value
  • Evaluate strategic options and advise management on the best course of action
  • Create smarter and innovative budgeting and forecasting methods to drive strategy execution
  • Drive integrated thinking within your business to link strategy to budgeting, forecasting and successful performance management

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This interactive 2-day workshop is suitable for finance professionals interested in how to develop strategic thinking and implement in their organisation.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date. Please enrol at least 3 working days prior to the workshop to ensure any dietary and special requirements can be accommodated.

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