Practical financial analysis 2018 - Workshop

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Develop a deeper understanding of the critical financial analyses that can be used to support decision-making in businesses to improve cash flow, profit and returns. A practical approach is taken so that as the accountant you can relate your analysis back to the commercial reality of the business owners and senior management. The intention is to reposition you, the accountant, as part of the management decision making team. Slides including case studies will be worked through on the day and an additional work book and notes will be provided with further case studies and further notes on the topics covered in plain English.

Key topics:

  • Develop a sound basis to support businesses financial performance at the macro level, in monitoring and forward forecasts and in driving performance up from the products, service and customers
  • Move into assisting in the development of strategy with the additional analyses to support that process
  • Understand the wide variety of analyses that can be used to facilitate better performance and to position yourself at the table with management decision-making
  • Use various analysis formats and analysis to quickly and easily do financial analysis and interact live with management to develop scenarios rather than producing static reports that might not get read
  • Better understanding and management the creation of better profits, cash flows, returns and shareholder value


  • Relate financial performance directly with strategy e.g. SWOT and Balanced Score Cards
  • Use analysis formats to analyse financial performance rapidly
  • Monitor performance of the profit, balance sheet and cash flows using key ratios
  • Create alternative forecasts in support of forward decision making
  • Analyse performance from the micro up i.e. profitability, marginal cash flow and returns of products, service and customers to help pick better pricing, mix and support investment and strategy going forward
  • Understand the interaction between variable unit costs, pricing and elasticity of demand on the overall profit and net cash flow of the business
  • Analyse variances to budgets in a systematic basis to control performance
  • Understand risk better in terms of making a profit and net cash flow
  • Understand the core of shareholder value and how this impacts the financial performance and value of businesses


This workshop is designed for management accountants and financial professionals wanting to add value to their organisation.

Please note enrolments close 2 working days prior to the workshop date. Please enrol at least 3 working days prior to the workshop to ensure any dietary and special requirements can be accommodated.

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1 day