Cyber Security for Finance Teams - Webinars 2020

This webinar series is designed for finance professionals to increase their cyber security knowledge relevant to the finance team. Across 4 x 1 hour webinars, participants will learn why they play a key role in protecting their organisations critical information assets, and that of their clients. In addition, skills and actions will be shared that will support the finance team to recognize, manage and report cyber security risks.

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Cyber security has never been a hotter topic. Across the globe, organisations are recognizing that they must invest in people, processes and systems to protect from, detect and respond to cyber security threats and incidents. While all staff have a role to play, each part of the organisation has contextual risks to mitigate and the finance team is no exception. Finance team members must be able to demonstrate the relevant skills and behaviors of someone who is the custodian of the organisation’s wealth. With functions such as accounts, payroll, procurement, auditing and M&A, the cyber security risks are many and varied. 

Cyber and Information Security is often seen as an IT problem and something to be managed by the CIO or Technology Executive.  However, the whole business must contribute and as part of the broader employee community, the finance team members have a role to support the enterprise wide objectives of protecting customers, intellectual property and computer networks too.  These general cyber security skills and know-how are just as important as those they need to use in their finance roles. By embracing security practices, the finance team can champion the protection of critical information assets.

These 4 webinars are designed for finance professionals who want to add value to the organisation through their role in protecting the organisation’s resources and data. You will learn key cyber security skills, understand why and how to change your behaviors and explore the important role that finance must play in protecting the organisation from cyber risk being realised. 

In short, the four webinars will cover:

  1. The importance of cybersecurity for the finance team - This session will cover the three key reasons the finance team plays a role in protecting the organisation and what team members can do to support their organisation in protecting their critical information assets.
  2. Cybersecurity essentials for the finance team - This session will cover some of the common cyber and information security threats the finance team specifically faces and ways they can put processes in place to reduce the risk.
  3. Building a culture of cybersecurity in the finance team - In order to truly reduce risk, organisations need to develop and embrace an enterprise-wide security culture. And the finance team is no exception. In this session, we will cover ways the finance team can work with the broader business in building a more secure culture.
  4. Cyber Security Reporting for the Finance team - With cybersecurity being listed as one of (if not the #1) risks an organisation is facing, the CFO may find themselves reporting to the board on financial items including cyber insurance, the financial risk resulting from a cyber threat or details of the cybersecurity framework as it pertains to finance.  This session will cover how the finance team can support the CFO with reporting and due diligence.

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These webinars are for all finance professionals who would like to understand the basics of cyber and information security and be more effective in their role in protecting their organisation.



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