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Search now works across the following course fields: ID, Identifier, Name, Description, Learning objectives, Audience, Keywords. 

Unless otherwise specified results are ordered by best match or highest score based on the terms below.


project management   ->  project or management (score improved with both words)

project +management  ->  project and management (score improved with more occurrences of these words)

project +management method  ->   project and management and not method

"project management"  ->  exact phrase searching

+"project management" +method  ->  exact phrase searching with other operators

RG146* -> wildcard any courses with a word starting with RG146

Note: previously entering RG146 would have acted like RG146*.  This is now not the case.

Name:(“project management”) would search for the phrase “project management” but only in the course name field.

Name:(+project +management) Identifier:(RG146*) for searching multiple course fields


  word : score will be improved if word exists in any of the above fields

  +word : word must exist in one of the above fields
 -word : word CANNOT exist
 "phrase words" : words treated as phrase (may be preceded by + or -)
 field:(expression) : find expression (which allows word,+,-,”phrase”) within "field". 
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