Everyone has the potential to enlarge their critical and creative perspective in the right environment. By exploring your own (and others') assumptions and arguments and learning how to challenge them, you're then better prepared to make effective arguments and draw logical conclusions based on solid data. You'll then explore your personal barriers to creativity and how to overcome them, and how to promote creativity in the workplace by having a safe space where everyone can share ideas. While creativity should be uninhibited in the initial stages, ideas do need to be checked to ensure they are grounded in reality and feasible before proceeding to implementation and further development.

This value pack includes these short courses:

  • Confronting your assumptions
  • Investigating arguments
  • Reaching sound conclusions
  • Unleashing personal and team creativity
  • Verifying and building on creative ideas

This value pack consists of multiple short courses, giving you the flexibility of accelerated learning while fitting it into your increasingly busy schedule. The topics listed above contain a number of micro learning assets, each of which take between 3 - 6 minutes to view. Focusing on a single learning objective per subcategory, these courses will give you practical tools that you can implement immediately.


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Learning objectives


This value pack is suitable for team leaders and any individuals at work who want to develop or refine their critical thinking skills and creatively develop viable business ideas.

2.5 hours

365 Days